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The 2016 season has concluded and we hope all hunters enjoyed theirs as much as we did! We placed a number of cameras in remote areas and captured some amazing big racks and body bucks. Hunting these crafty old bucks was narrowed down and we went in full force. We spotted several of these big boys without being able to get a shot off but we did harvest two.

Dustin was able to anchor a young 8 pointer and Bill Hagar also shot a beauty of a buck weighing in at 204 pounds. We hunted very hard and put in countless hours in hopes of knocking down more big bucks but the season was not as productive as we would have liked. As many Adirondack hunters know, the vast terrain and wise whitetails are as difficult to kill as anywhere in the country. Check out a few photos of our 2016 hunt. We will be adding a few cam videos of some other impressive Adirondack bucks.

Bill Hagar's 203 pound,
8 point buck.


Dustin's 8 point 155lb buck.

Dustin and Nick Salerno.


Another shot of Bill's buck and the Crew.

Dustin Salerno, Randy Salerno, Robert Gonyaw
and Bill Hagar.


Big shed found by Landon Cross.

Standing, Nick Salerno and Randy Salerno. Kneeling, Paul Salerno Jr., Dustin Salerno and Landon Cross.


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